Extreme Self-Care

The purpose of the EXTREME SELF CARE program is to guide you as you focus on yourself in order to strengthen your balance, wellness and quality of life. Learn how to take care of yourself without being selfish. Why extreme? Most of us are barely feeding our basic needs. Imagine what you would feel like if you exceeded those basic self-care needs?

Take my Self-Care Quiz to see how well you are doing taking care of yourself right now and find some solutions.

How would you feel if you didn't just reduce stress, but you eliminated it at the root? How would you feel if your environment met your needs? Can you picture a life with more pleasure? What would your body feel like if you took very good care of it? How would it feel to be supported by great experts? Would you have more energy if you were extremely careful of what you put into your body.? Would you smile when you looked in the mirror if you took extra good care of your appearance? What would your life be like if your habits and rituals sustained you?

Don't just exist. Live with energy, passion and nurturing towards others because once your self-care needs are met, you will start to give out of love not out of duty or with resentment.

Class Desciption
This is a 6-wk program that we will do through e-mail. I will send you a lesson each week and we can work out a plan on what you want to work on. There will be bonus assessments, programs and extra handouts to help you help yourself. I will be there to encourage you and support you through the program. I find taking care of yourself has people digging in their heels. The only way some people will take care of themselves is if they have accountability and "permission" to do that. I will give you practical steps to incorporate self-care into your busy life without turning it into another to do.

As a client you will get access to:

  • The 100-point Extreme Self-Care Checklist
  • Self-Care Routine PDF
  • The Integrity 100 checklist
  • Designing your Own Follow-Through Environments worksheet
  • The Advance Self-care Assessment
  • and more worksheets, PDF's and columns

You will also receive the bonus programs: 100 Smiles and the Adrenaline Self-test

The 10 areas of the of the Checklist are:

1. Stress Elimination 6. Support/Experts
2. Environment/Family 7. Ingestion
3. Pleasure 8. Appearance
4. Well-Being 9. Sustainability
5. Special Care Items 10. Daily Rituals


Extreme Self-Care is a copywritten program that can only be taught once you have been trained in the Coachville or CoachU course. I have completed the course and look forward to helping others reach Extreme Self-Care.

You can order right now online with a credit card or paypal. If you prefer to send a check e-mail me and I will give you the info. I can also present this program to your group if you are in the Michigan area.

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Extreme Self-Care Program
6-week program to strengthen your balance, wellness and quality of life

A little over $6 a week. Are you worth it? Can you forgo two magazines or one fast food meal a week to learn how to take really good care of yourself. You really are worth. I can't wait to work with you!

Interested in learning a bit more about self-care? Read this article on ideas for self-renewal.


Don't want to do this on your own? E-coaching can help you with that.

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